August: FES summer reads

A special edition with different book recommendations by youth in the international network of FES.


Follow us in August, for a special issue that brings YOUR reading picks to the international network of FES partners and friends. 

Would you like to contribute to our special August issue? Have you participated at an event, training or workshops for youth supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in any corner of the world?

Drop us a short email by 8 August 2017 and we'll forward you a quick survey to submit your book recommendation.



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  • 31.07.2017

    Halting the spawn of foreign debt

    Indebted countries that receive a debt relief continue to return to square one, a poignant lesson in the history of debt that should encourage...


  • 24.07.2017

    Foreign debt in the G-20: Waiting for Godot

    Quito (Ecuador) – In the Hanseatic city shaken by turmoil during the recent G-20 meeting, the issue of foreign debt virtually disappeared from the...


  • 14.07.2017

    Bridging Social Capital – A new attempt on SDG 16 Peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan

    The people in Afghanistan and Pakistan share the same social values and perceptions—this surprising result questions the interpretation of the violent...


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