Season’s greeting 2017: typography quotes from pioneers of social democracy

By way of a season’s greetings, we share with our readers a little gift from the annals of social democratic thought and practice

Hello readers of FES Connect!


What an exciting year! Our news portal and monthly news brief saw the light of day. We have an active twitter account and our network is growing daily.

And while the world lingers in uncertainty about what the year 2017 will bring, we wanted to thank you all dearly, partners, colleagues, fellows and friends, at the end of the calendar year, for being part of our global network.

As a token of gratitude, we decided to peek in the history of social democracy and present you with a little gift. This festive season we are releasing a wonderful collection of quotes featuring pioneering thinkers who shaped the theory and practice of social democracy in Germany and Europe.

Titled “Thinkers of social democracy,” the collection consists of quotes from a selection of authors included in a namesake publication released early 2016.

Click here to read more, download and share, with partners, colleagues, family and friends. Follow us on twitter for a quotes’ storm in the next 16 days.

Do you know of a social democratic thinker or pioneer in the history of your country?

Write to us and share the information! Or if you want to write for us, submit a contact form for a guest contribution.

We look forward to keeping in touch in 2017!

Your FES Connect Editorial Team

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