• August: Youth engagement for global action

    We are giving the stage to young people from across the world to highlight the issues they are fighting for and how they can contribute to global...

  • June: Education under pressure

    The education experts we spoke to in this month's issue agree: education is under pressure, and we simply cannot go back to the way things were.

  • May: The crucial role of social security

    Social security as an inviolable human right. But the global crisis that we face today reveals we are still not able to realize it as such.

  • April: The digital divide

    Can we ensure that digitalization will always be socially just?


Despite three key challenges, adult education persists to create a resilient Europe

In times of a global crisis, adult learning and education is needed to cope with its impacts, dismantle fake news, and be prepared to reflect the changes needed for the future.



As frontlines shift to schools: Can governments ensure safety?

Education International echoes the call of education workers from around the world: national governments must ensure their protection through evidence-based public health measures in the transition back to school. Read about how the global union...



Empowering citizens through education in Kosovo

When education is hit by a pandemic, how is social justice and active citizenship affected? Dukagjin Pupovci, the Executive Director of the Kosova Education Center, talks to us about the unique role of education in democratic engagement and paints a...


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Resist, reclaim, reboot: Youth perspectives on renewable energy in the Philippines

Instead of divesting from fossil fuels, the Philippines, one of the...



Can the online tactics of Thailand’s political youth movement bring real change?

Thailand has a storied history of political conflict and popular protest...



Voting at 16: More youth participation in politics is urgently needed

In the 2017 German election, more than half of the electorate were over 50...


How the FES Academy for Social Democracy inspired me to start my own civil society initiative

Political youth education is central to the work of...



Trade unions must work for and invest in the youth

Union membership has been declining for decades and engaging young workers...



The revolutionary pandemic: exposing institutional blindness

What is the kind of work without which a society would perish and how do we...


Family Laws in the MENA Region A Tool for Subordination

Farah Daibes expertly summarizes a study that dives deep into the origins...



A New Look at Capitalism and Democracy

A book review of Torben Iversen/David Soskice: Democracy and Prosperity:...


New Jobs through Energy Transition

This is not a forecast, but a possible scenario. It's entirely possible to...



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