Monthly focus

April: Dialogue and cooperation must outvote fear and anger

News and updates for value-based politics shaped by freedom, justice and solidarity, in which dialogue and cooperation outvote fear and anger





March: Migration as opportunity

News and updates for an inclusive vision of migration as opportunity, to imagine and harness together social, economic and political progress for all.



February: No social justice without gender justice!

News and updates on approaches to gender work in international cooperation that can harness the potential for gender-just social progress.



December & January: Quizzed by climate change

The special end-of-year issue, comes with a quiz on climate chance and impact, to share with your network members, family and friends.



November: We need a just transition for a sustainable future!

We shine light on the concept of a "just transition" and what it means to model climate action that brings also climate justice.



October: Digitalization for social progress

In this October issue, we continue the debate on digitalization and zoom in on economic policies that can harness its potential for social progress...



September: Transform globalization to make it just for all!

Globalization should not be rejected. We can work together to transform it guided by a vision of just and inclusive global governance!



August: Films and books for political action

A special issue with new and noteworthy entries with a critical take on right-wing extremism and violence for your to-be-read-and-watched list.



July: Is information technology subverting democracy?

It’s high summer in half of the world and the July issue brings a range of sizzling debates: digitalization, technology and their marks on democracy.



June: #KickItOut, down with discrimination in sports!

In this issue we talk sports, discrimination and the rise of the radical right, now also with a quiz, 11 questions for the 11-a-side game. Click to...




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  • 28.04.2019

    True cooperation with the EU could catalyse the development of a new Africa

    The youth of Africa envisions a future where the EU dismantles the power dynamics that have hindered Africa and its development.


  • 29.03.2019

    Return to Afghanistan looks into the many faces of displacement and migration

    No two refugees’ stories are the same, but they all tell of resilience, hope, and challenges—sometimes—overcome.


  • 28.03.2019

    At a global summit, youth make a stab at collective and global change

    In March 2019, the Young Global Changers Summer School brought young people from 60 countries together to work on global challenges.


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