A global transatlantic network combats far-right propaganda and extremism

Every year, members of an international network from both sides of the Atlantic meet to plan steps and strategies to combat right-wing extremism globally.

“The fewer people that are seeing racist propaganda, anti-Semitic propaganda, the fewer people we will have radicalized,” says Heidi Beirich, from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights organization based in Alabama, US.

A representative of the organization, Beirich is part of a long-standing group of civil society, think tanks, political scientists and security experts and authorities that make up a global anti-right wing extremism network. The informal network convenes annually to discuss the latest developments of right-wing extremism globally and develop strategies how to combat it. In May 2019, the network got together in Berlin, home of the project Against Right-Wing Extremism by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, convening the network meetings since 2002.

The FES project publishes the biannual study on extremism and prejudices in the societal mainstream, organizes public events including film screenings on the topic of right-wing extremism, and offers policy advising, educational activities and skill developments for a range of partnering organizations, including trade unions, politicians and civil society partners, activists, journalists and teachers.


For more information on the FES project Against Right-wing Extremism, visit the designated page and contact the project team.

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