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Trade union responses to changes in the workplace

How can trade unions respond to emerging technologies? On the sidelines on the World Social Forum in Salvador, FES and Brazil’s largest trade union organize a seminar on the question.



Women's experiences of the Afghan conflict are muted, sidelined and ignored, according to female expert researcher

Women suffer disproportionately from the violence plaguing Afghanistan. Their insights would be a valuable contribution to negotiations, and to sustainable peace in the country. But for that to happen, their voice needs to be accepted at the table, and not just under the label of 'women’s...



CUT-Brazil, a trade union centre at the forefront of the feminist struggle

The case of Unified Workers' Central (CUT) implementing gender parity in its decision-making bodies was analyzed by Didice Godinho Delgado for "Trade Unions in Transformation," a project by FES



Fighting the colony: Women activism beyond suffrage

More than a century has passed since Putri Mardika, Indonesia’s first ever women's organization, was established but challenges persist in the efforts to influence national politics to bring progress to all women.



South Africa's dilemma in the Belt and Road Initiative: Losing Africa for China?

China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) delivers a final blow to South Africa’s foreign policy claim to be the gateway to the African continent. As China boosts its preferred Silk Road partners, it leaves South Africa at a loss for its very own foreign policy identity—and opens up a murkier future...



India is wary of the Chinese engagement with its neighbours

India's wariness towards China's Belt and Road Initiative comes with implications for New Delhi’s engagement with its neighbours. Sushant Singh, a partner of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in India, explains more.



High time for a common African policy on China

While China released its first policy positions towards Africa as early as 2006, Africa remains without a common policy on China’s business practices and relationship with the continent.



A woman’s view of Europe-Africa relations

Powerful and intimate testimony on the urgent action needed to overcome the conditions holding African populations in glaring poverty, driving those who survive to exodus and exile.



Racialization of cities persists in post-apartheid South Africa

South Africa’s cities are still largely divided along the fault lines of class and race, a quarter century after the official end of apartheid. FES spoke to Khanya Bonani, an alumnus of the Fort Hare Autumn School Programme, about the persistent racialization of urban spaces in the country’s cities.



German politics and Latin America: What's there in the Bundestag election for the sub-continent?

Former FES Mexico staff, doctoral student and lecturer Zirahuén Villamar analyses the Impact of the German elections for Latin America and Germany’s ‘other’ transatlantic relation.

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  • 30.07.2018

    Blowing the whistle for the public interest in the digital age

    A proposed law to better protect whistle-blowers is under discussion in the European Union. Can it rebuild the hopes for decentralization and more...


  • 28.07.2018

    The Bibliography on the History of the German Labour Movement is still bright orange

    The Library of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung makes available information generated by over 40 years of bibliographical expertise and diligence both online...


  • 19.07.2018

    Riding the wave: Technology for change in Myanmar

    In Myanmar, one innovation group is working to help digital consumers and startups make the most of the rapid digitalization sweeping the country, and...


  • 18.07.2018

    Historical German Social Democratic Press Online

    The digital edition of Vorwärts now has company. With the additional titles Freiheit, Der Sozialdemokrat and Neue Vorwärts, the Library of...


  • 28.06.2018

    Football, xenophobia, racism, discrimination and a few more things

    The effective excess of narratives in male football ruled out the possibility of having a female story altogether—and even excluded it.


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