History of Holiday

When is your next holiday coming up? Have you already decided on your destination or are you going to opt to recuperate from all the work by relaxing at home?

For many people nowadays, holidays are something taken for granted. But this has not always been the case and for many people in the world it is not a matter of course even today. Have you ever wondered where holidays actually come from, since when there has been paid holiday and what holiday arrangements are like in other countries? In our quiz, we take you on a little holiday trip or, as it were, a small journey through the history of holiday.

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Oh, I wish it could be holiday all year round, don't you? Did you know that William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) already grasped the essence of it all, aptly stating way back then that: "If all year were playing holidays, ..."

Who would then bake me my bread?
There would neither be Romeo and Juliet nor the paper on which it was written.
To sport would be as tedious as to work.
My heart, it would rejoice with happiness.
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