#KickItOut: Discrimination in sports

It's that time again. At the World Cup in Russia, 32 nations from all continents will be competing for the title of World Champion. Since major sporting events such as world championships or the Olympic games always carry a symbolic and political significance, we have decided this time to use this tournament as an opportunity to address interrelationships between politics and sports in the second edition of our quiz series. It starts here with 11 questions for the 11-a-side game. Good luck!

Photo: Gran Parque Central 1900, World Football Cup 1930, Archivo del Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo, Public domain. - (1), Gemeinfrei, Link

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Football World Cups like this year's in Russia are a major social and media event. The tournament is watched throughout the world and there is tremendous fanfare and fervour even in countries that may never be able to qualify for a World Cup. The first World Cup took place in Uruguay in 1930, with the final between Uruguay and Argentina being viewed by 72,000 spectators present in the stadium. How many people worldwide saw the final of the last World Cup four years ago?

700 million
550 million
1 billion
2.2 billion
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