Against right-wing extremism: Films and books for political action

New and noteworthy entries with a critical take on right-wing extremism and violence for your to-be-read-and-watched list

In addition to the usual fun associated with to-be-read-and-watched lists, some of the newest suggestions we collected for you present a serious look at disturbing issues that deserve attention.

Experts, activists, youth and staff from the global network of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung submitted their recommendations for films and books that take you on a critical journey through right-wing extremism and violence that is rising in the societal mainstream of Europe and the United States.

Popular posts

  • 30.07.2018

    Reclaiming the digital space: Fighting right-wing extremists online

    Right-wing extremist content is surging online, bringing a global internet audience of 4 billion people ever closer to a violent ideology that erodes...


  • 29.07.2018

    Personal data in the public sphere: Is protection possible?

    The regulatory capacity of States lags behind the technology of multinational tech giants that handle most of the world’s data. Is each State running...


  • 18.07.2018

    Historical German Social Democratic Press Online

    The digital edition of Vorwärts now has company. With the additional titles Freiheit, Der Sozialdemokrat and Neue Vorwärts, the Library of...


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