At a global summit, youth make a stab at collective and global change

In March 2019, the Young Global Changers Summer School brought young people from 60 countries together to work on global challenges.

In March 2019, a hundred young professionals, graduate students and activists from over 60 countries came together in Berlin on invitation of the Young Global Changers Summer School to work on policy proposals that address global challenges. Their ideas were presented at the subsequent Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, an event crafting proposals for the May 2019 meeting of T20 in Japan, the think-tank task force of the G20, forum of the 20 leading world economies.

Among the participants were 26 alumni of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung global youth leadership network. Listen to Camila Carrasco (Chile), Shakil Ahmed (Bangladesh), Basar Gharabeh (Palestine,) and Noah Mirembe Gabigogo (Uganda) as they share their experiences and ideas for global policy proposals that recouple social, economic and political progress.

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