How can trade unions build strength in the face of the digital economy?

As technology develops, trade unions must combat the precariousness of work. Christina Colclough of UNI Global Union summarizes three key demands.

"When we talk about the future world of work we have to really understand that there is a sharp urgency of now,” warns Christina Colclough, Director of Platform and Agency Workers, Digitalisation and Trade at UNI Global Union. “We have 2-3 years to get this right and to come up with some solutions to protect the decency of work.” 

Watch Colclough summarize three key demands that must be addressed as technology develops to combat the precariousness of work which is leaving people with no social rights, little access to training and reskilling. 

This address was delivered to trade union representatives and researchers from Asia at the Trade Unions in Transformation conference held in Singapore, 21-22 March 2018. ###


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